Fellside CHP

px Group has operated and maintained the Fellside Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, located in Cumbria, since 2004, and also operates the 0.5 km high-hazard pipeline which is the main fuel supply to the site. The site is an upper tier COMAH installation forming part of the Sellafield COMAH enclave.

At a Glance

  • Provides critical process steam to Sellafield
  • Continuous updating and improvement of the plant
  • Managed several major outages to improve asset integrity
  • Nina consecutive RoSPA Gold awards

Built in 1993, the plant provides critical process steam to the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility and exports electricity to Sellafield and the National Grid.  

The original plant configuration was three GE Frame 6581B gas turbines operating on natural gas as a primary fuel with distillate back up fuel available from on-site storage facilities. 

Two of the gas turbines have now been retired due to strategic change and additional dual fuel steam raising boilers have recently been commissioned, with a further boiler park facility currently under construction.

A vital part of the O&M contract was to retain the 60 staff based on site, who were employed by the previous provider. We successfully transferred the staff to px Group, helping to ensure that existing skills and site knowledge were retained, and the site continued to run as smoothly as possible.

px Group continues to work with the Fellside CHP owners to update and improve the plant, and our engineering services team is working closely with O&M to ensure that solutions are focused on optimising the plant’s performance and minimising fuel consumption.

Since 2004 we have managed a series of major outages designed to improve asset integrity. We’ve developed several tools to monitor plant performance, enabling the site team to analyse operating regimes, adapt operation to reduce fuel consumption, and prioritise plant maintenance.

In 2010 px Group was awarded the prestigious President’s Award from RoSPA in recognition of Fellside CHP’s consistently high safety standards.  Fellside CHP are hoping to repeat this in 2021 having received a further nine consecutive annual RoSPA Gold medal awards.

px Group Fellside CHP Map
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