Northampton Fuel Terminal

The Northampton fuel terminal is connected to the UK Oil Pipeline enabling deliveries of gasoline and distillate products from both the Thames in the south and Stanlow in the North West refineries, via a spur line. Site ownership transitioned from BP to Essar UK (Infranorth) in 2018 and at a similar time px Group was awarded the O&M contract. Operational transition was achieved in February 2019 and px Group is the named duty holder of the Lower Tier COMAH site.

At a Glance

  • The terminal has five operating loading bays, with facilities for loading gasoline, super unleaded, diesel, and interface. 
  • The terminal has eight main storage tanks holding a total of 28,000 m3 of fuel products. 
  • Ethanol is imported via road tanker and discharged into storage tanks for blending into gasoline fuel.
  • The Northampton terminal is a Lower Tier COMAH site.
  • The site operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year with a team of 13 staff.

Since the transition, the px Group O&M team have managed a number of previously deferred tank inspections and have completed the required electrical site inspection programme to bring the site into full compliance. The site has also migrated to the px Company Operating System and is now fully utilising the px systems.

px Group has been working with the new owner to develop the site to move from ‘retail’ markets to more commercial opportunities including gas oil and kerosene. Increasing the storage and variety of fuel additives will also open up the terminal to additional retailers. px Group is to engineer the plant modifications through the px engineering business.

px Group Northampton Terminal Map
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