Teesside Gas Processing Plant

px Group operates and manages this Upper Tier COMAH installation, and over 30km of associated pipework. Feedstock arrives from North Sea fields via the 250 mile Central Area Transmission System (CATS) pipeline.

At a Glance

  • Capable of processing 6% of UK gas. 
  • Dual 400mmSCF/day processing trains. 
  • Deep liquid and extraction capability (Propane, Butane and Condensate).
  • Operational reliability  in excess of 99.5%. 
  • Best-in-class performance in relation to quality, health, safety and environmental management.

Natural gas originates from fields in the Central North Sea and Southern North Sea. Gas from the Central North Sea is transported onshore via the 400Km Central Area Transmission System (CATS) pipeline. Gas from the Southern North Sea is transported onshore via the Breagh 100Km pipeline and the Breagh unmanned offshore facilities are operated remotely from the site.  

px Group commercial team manages the logistics of all gas and liquid products.

px Group O&M team has been instrumental in the identification of highly innovative de-bottlenecking solutions which increase production, recovery rates and efficiency of the overall process. We operate best-in-class performance in relation to quality, health, safety, and environmental management.

Our client says:

“At Teesside Gas Processing Plant safety and operational integrity are our top priorities. The px team helps us to ensure we deliver exemplary performance in the industry and provide a world class service to our customers in a highly regulated, complex and potentially hazardous industry.”

Andy Heppel, Chief Executive Officer, NSMP

px Group Teeside Gas Processing Plant Map
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